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AURA Vapor


Try it out at our expense. Use our AURA Vapor and if you are not satisfied simply contact us within 365 days and we will refund Your money even if your cartridge 
is empty.





AURA Vapor comes with a charged battery.  


In the event the battery is low:

Charge the battery using a USB charger.  When the battery needs to be charged, the light on the charging end of the pen will flash 3 times then the light will remain on while the battery is charging.


When the battery is fully charged the light will flash 3 times and turn off to indicate the battery is sufficiently charged.


How to use AURA Vapor:

Simply draw on the pen and enjoy.  It is designed for immediate benefits with limited psychodelic effects for most users.


Keep out of the reach of children or people who behave like children.


Terpenes, THC (0.25%), CBD and over 90 Cannabinoids


Due to the natural, plant-based ingredients from which we extract our Vapor, color and taste may change or vary over time. This does not reduce the effectiveness of the product. Keep out of extreme or hot temperatures.

100% Vegetarian. Cruelty-free.


We ship to all 50 US states. Discreet packaging, that never reveals the potent contents.

AURA Vapor 45% CBD, <0.25% THC