"I have been using for about 3 months now for chronic pain and sleep issues. Iam in love with it ,I can function through the day and when I dose again for bed I sleep longer now whereas before it was about 4 hours" - L. Lopez  on August 30, 2020

AURA Vapor
45%CBD, 0.25% THC
AURA Potion
40mg THC, 1000mg CBD
AURA Potion
80mg THC, 1800mg CBD
AURA Potion
160mg THC, 3600mg CBD
Full Spec Crystal


AURA is the most potent source of cannabinoids available online that can be shipped to any state in the United States.  For example, AURA's Potent Potion contains more CBD in 2 capfuls than some competitors put in an entire bottle. The cannabinoids in AURA are extracted from hemp. AURA only uses hemp grown in the united states, free of pesticides and heavy metals.

AURA is specially formulated to eliminate the mystery of dosing for those with nightmare stories about cannabis edibles. 1/2 cap for medicinal use and 1 full cap+ for recreational. And we've developed AURA Recipes  for anyone who'd prefer a brownie or sugar cookie to taking an oil or smoking/vaping.

Most importantly, AURA is committed to creating the highest quality products and providing you the greatest level os service available in the entire cannabis industry.

A Letter From Our Founder

Almost 5 years ago, I was searching for something that would assist my Aunt with her neurological disease. I was desperate to help. 

During my search, I discovered the powers of the 90+ cannabinoids, including CBD.  But it wasn’t until I saw the impact, my Aunt literally changing before my eyes, I knew the power of cannabis was something big and I wanted to be a part of it. Read More

Potent Potion


AURA Potent Potion is our flagship product. The Potent Potion is the highest concentration of cannabinoids available online for sale to all 50 states.  It is 100% natural formulation of coconut oil, cannabinoids, and natural terpenes.  Available in 3 sizes, 15ml, 30ml, and 60ml.  


The potent potion is generally used two ways.  1. It is formulated to be consumed directly using the cap.  1/2 a cap with each meal is what we recommend to minimize the psychedelic effects of the legal THC contents.  For recreational use we recommend 1 cap plus.


AURA Vapor


AURA Vapor is the highest concentration of CBD available in a vape pen plus 90+ other cannabinoids.  The vape pen is designed to pack the same benefits of AURA Potent Potion with the fast delivery results from vaping. However, the AURA Vapor offers significantly less psychedelic effects. 


AURA Vapor is easy to use.  The battery comes fully charged.  Simply draw on the pen like any other vape pen, no buttons required.  Once the cartridge is depleted, replace it with the AURA Vapor cartridge (available 9/1/20).   AURA Potent Potion is not formulated for use in the AURA Vapor pen.



AURA Dabs are smokable crystals made up 100% natural pure cannabinoids and terpenes.  AURA Dabs are our most concentrated source of CBD.  AURA Dabs, like all of our products contain the full spectrum with CBD, THC, CBG, and 90+ other cannabinoids.


AURA Dabs are smoked in a dab rig. Dap rigs are sold at most vape shops.  Or online.  AURA is not allowed to sell dab rigs to our customers.

Sleep and Anxiety

Achieve a sense of relaxation- physically and emotionally. Rest well and wake up refreshed. AURA Cannabinoids helps you say goodbye to that racing mind and sleepless nights.

Mind, Body, & Spirit

AURA may support:

Pain and Inflamation

Better manage physical and emotional pain with AURA Cannabinoids. Reduce soreness or general aches from challenging work outs or other causes.

Your Mood

Some call it an elevated mood while others say inner peace. Regardless, most feel a sense of being grounded in your body. May also help calm worrisome thoughts.


According to Forbes Magazine's Kristian Astre, a microdose is between 2 and 5 milligrams. This corresponds to 0.50 - 1.00 teaspoon of AURA. The benefit of microdosing is AURA has a subtle, more sophisticated affect without going too far. AURA Cannabinoids puts you in control to decide how strong of an experience you have.

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